3 Kingdoms… a start

I have finally begun working on the second book of the series, “It’s Just Business… The Romancing of Ahjumma.” It will be called 3 Kingdoms, vaguely referring to the three major kingdoms which existed on the Korean peninsula before the Joseon period.

I wanted to start out calmly, establishing a place of refuge for our main character, Ki Soo.

“Nestled deep in the woods, somewhere about a kilometer off of Jingwan-gil, sits a contemporary, L-shaped hanok, referred to by its owner as Kesling House; the wooden sign on the front gate is etched in English Cursive as well as in Hangeul (키슬링 하우스), for any stray passersby to see the only homage Ki Soo made to her United States heritage.  When Ki Soo scouted the property several years ago prior to having her hanok built, she was happy to realize it sat perfectly north-east of Bongeunsa and north-west of Jingwansa, so that during her stays of solitude, she would be able to hear the distant bells and gongs of those Buddhist temples.”

I have been told books should never start out calmly; I should grab the reader’s attention with something gripping, or at least interesting. Maybe, a visit from Lee Ho-Jun would be in order. It would be the only time Ki Soo ever invited someone to spend a weekend at her place of solitude.

2 Weeks in Busan

The first of the series “It’s Just Business… the Romancing of Ahjumma,” “2 Weeks in Busan” introduces Ki Soo and Lee Ho-Jun, players in the Seoul business community. Ki Soo, a woman of 45 and expat from the United States, is Chairman of the Board of a huge advertising corporation and Lee Ho-Jun, a man of 25, is her Director of Creative Services.

“2 Weeks in Busan” is a romance novel, yet covers several controversial topics in its plot line, including cougar/cub relationships, gay relationships, child abandonment and abuse, crime against women, and corporate espionage. Meanwhile, the reader is lead through a growing romantic relationship, and descriptive elements of South Korea, her history and culture.

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