2 thoughts on “Where to get It’s Just Business… the Romancing of Ahjumma, 2 Weeks in Busan!”

  1. Wonderful book. I was born in Busan back when it was called Pusan in 1952. My father was an American soldier. He stayed in Korea for over three years because her met my mother. At the time they were not allowed to be married by US law, so they were married by Korean law. After my mom was pregnant with me, my dad kept extending his tour. It took a letter from the Vice President of USA to my dad’s Commander before they were finally given permission to marry so he could bring us with him. My grandmother wanted her son and his family home so she went on a letter writing campaign that finally got some action. I still have the letters. Amerasian babies weren’t treated very well during that time. Mom told me I wouldn’t have been allowed an education, I would likely have grown up like Lee Ho-Jun. I’m glad I didn’t have to.

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